What to Do for Fun After Retirement As a Single Woman?

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Variety is the spice of life. No matter how young or old a person, it is important to have fun. For a single retired woman, it is especially crucial to have fun. Days need to be filled with activities and events. Many options are available for a retired single woman to choose from.

Retired Women’s Groups

Depending on the city and state that you reside in, there are a few retirement groups aimed at women in most areas. Joining a group is beneficial in many ways, the most important being the social aspect one receives from being part of a group. Spending time with friends and working together to create, inspire or just plain talk is helpful and enjoyable. Women’s retirement groups give the opportunity for women to engage in activities, clubs, groups and charitable efforts, according to Barbara Weinberg of Women Redefining Retirement. A high level of confidence and self-worth is evident in women that are involved in activities and occupied.

Master a Skill or Learn a New Language

According to Malcolm Gladwell, retirement frees up to 2,000 to 3,000 hours per year. With that statistic alone, retirement gives a woman the opportunity to do something brilliant, since time is of the luxury. Whether a retired single woman wanted to travel to Africa, learn a new language or start an art collection, she now has the time to do so. Retirement is a wonderful chance to employ any aspiration which time did not allow before. An article in AARP magazine titled "The Secret Lives of Single Women" stated, 63 percent of single women who live alone say their older years are to pursue their dreams and do things they’ve always wanted to do. It went on to state 80 percent of single women agree that as they’ve gotten older, they’re free to be themselves. With that positivity, it stands to reason that retirement is a remarkable time for a single woman.

Keep Having Fun

Many retired single women might find it tricky to fill up their days with things to do. Living alone with few responsibilities can be a great and freeing time, although it is crucial to stay busy. Putting an emphasis on social situations is very important. Single retired woman are obliged to keep active by use of their minds, body and spirit.