DIY Rhododendron Chandelier

Amanda Nguyen

Add dimension and texture to a room with this easy DIY rhododendron chandelier! This affordable Anthropologie knock-off is a simple way to create a chic and expensive-looking light fixture for your home, office or creative space. Inspired by the Rhododendron Chandelier from Anthropologie, this project recreates a similar chandelier using a round paper lantern and cupcake liners.

Amanda Nguyen

Things You'll Need

  • 18 to 35-inch round paper lantern in white or beige 
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Medium bowl
  • 150 jumbo white cupcake liners (the side of a jumbo cupcake liner is 2 inches high) 
  • 150 standard white, colored, or patterned cupcake liners
  • Cord set, such as Ikea's HEMMA Cord Set 


  • The number of cupcake liners you need depends on the size of your lantern. For this project, we used 150 jumbo cupcake liners and 150 standard cupcake liners on an 18-inch lantern.

Amanda Nguyen

Step 1: Expand the Paper Lantern

Open your paper lantern and place the wire support inside. (The support should be included with the lantern.) Place the lantern in a bowl to keep it stable and upright.

Put your lantern in a bowl to keep it upright.
Amanda Nguyen

Step 2: Make the Rhododendrons

Turn the standard-size cupcake liners inside out. For each "rhododendron," hot glue a standard-size cupcake liner to a jumbo cupcake liner. Make quite a few of these before you start gluing them to the lantern.


  • Be careful not to burn your fingers when handling the cupcake liners. The hot glue is very hot.

Turn the printed liner inside out.
Amanda Nguyen
Hot glue the printed liner to the bigger white liner.
Amanda Nguyen
Press them firmly together.
Amanda Nguyen
Make a bunch of these before proceeding to the next step.
Amanda Nguyen

Step 3: Glue the Rhododendrons to the Lantern

Apply hot glue to the back of a cupcake-liner rhododendron and firmly press it onto the paper lantern. Place your hand on the inside of the lantern to help press the cupcake liner into place. Set the rhododendrons close together to create a ruffled effect. Continue until the entire lantern is covered.

Glue the back of the prepared cupcake liner.
Amanda Nguyen
Press the cupcake liner firmly into the lantern.
Amanda Nguyen
Place your hand on the inside the lantern to help press the cupcake liner into place.
Amanda Nguyen
Squish the liners together to create a ruffled effect.
Amanda Nguyen

Step 4: Light Up Your Chandelier

Place the light bulb and cord into the lantern, and hang it. Unlit, this chandelier adds an understated, yet bold, texture to a room. When illuminated, the fixture casts a soft, relaxing light. Make a few chandeliers in various sizes and hang them together at different lengths for a fun effect. If you aren't going to wire it for lighting, experiment with different, more solid cupcake liners, including metallic gold cupcake liners as show here.

Enjoy your new chandelier.