DIY Faux Fur Clutch

By Kirsten Nunez ; Updated August 23, 2018

When it comes to winter fashion, faux fur always steals the spotlight. This cozy element is ideal for transforming even the most casual outfit. Not sure where to start? Try creating a handmade mixed media faux fur clutch. Inspired by a $148 version by Anthropologie, this easy project requires zero sewing skills. You can even make it with an old clutch or purse from your own closet!

Cut the faux fur and ribbon into strips measuring the same length as the clutch.

Hot glue to the clutch.

Dab clear nail polish onto the raw ends to prevent fraying.

Cut an extra long strand of suede cord (the length of the extra long strand will determine the fullness of the finished tassel. For this project, we used a strand measuring just under 1 yard). Cut another strand measuring 5 inches long.

Slip the key chain ring onto the long strand of suede cord. Hold in place about 6 inches from the end.

Bring the opposite end of the cord around and through the key ring.

Pull the cord through, creating a 6-inch long loop.

Repeat Steps 5 through 6 to create 8 to 10 loops. Remember, the more loops you make, the fuller the tassel will be.

Tie the shorter strand of cord around the bundle. For best results, create a tight double knot just under the key ring.

Trim the excess cord and cut the bottom of the bundle.

Attach the tassel to the zipper of the clutch.

How easy was that? The best part about this idea is that it can be applied to other accessories. Try it out on a wallet, cross-body bag or backpack for an entirely different look.

Take things up a notch by mixing and matching different types of ribbon. This is an excellent way to experiment with textures and unique color combinations. Plus, it can even help you use up leftover scraps from your supply stash.

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