DIY Buff Puff

Buff puffs are used to exfoliate skin

Nylon net Large needle Tapestry thread Safety pin

Lay the 6-inch by 36-inch net on a flat surface with the short edge facing you.

Thread a large needle with tapestry thread.

Tie the end of the thread to the safety pin. This will stop it from pulling straight through the net as you sew.

Sew along the centre of the net from the bottom to top using very large stitches, each stitch should be about one inch long.

Sew back down through the net from top to bottom.

Pull the two ends of the thread, to tightly scrunch up the netting and tie the threads in a knot, to hold the buff puff in shape.


Finish of the buff puff by tying or sewing a ribbon on as a wrist loop.

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