How to Display a Postcard Collection

The great thing about postcard collecting is the wide variety of subject matter
personal collection

People love collecting and displaying things. A postcard collection is no different. You've got all these beautiful postcards from destinations you have visited or from people sending you their cards from various destinations. Now you need to figure out how to display them so others can share the beauty of your collection. The following steps will give you ways to display a postcard collection.

Purchase photo albums. Display your postcards in a photo album. If these are put on your coffee table, people will just naturally pick them up to look at your pictures. Imagine their surprise when they find postcards. Postcards can tell their own story or you can elaborate just as you would with pictures.

Find a curio cabinet for pictures. Any way you can display pictures you can display postcards. They make a compelling picture on their own. Adding some information such as when you were there and whom you went with, or who sent you the postcard and when they were there, makes postcards more interesting.

Frame the postcards as you would a picture. You can display them on your walls. Again adding captions to the postcards will make them more memorable for you and for your visitors.

Make a montage of the postcards. You may want to group postcards together into a montage. This would involve putting all the postcards you collected from a particular trip together and mounting them behind glass so they are preserved.

Put them on your refrigerator. If all else fails you can always display them on your refrigerator, but I would use this as a last resort--there are better ways to display them.

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