How to Display a Coin Collection

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If you're proud of your coin collection, don't keep it in storage. Show it off with display cases, cherry wood boxes, picture frames, folders and presentation binders. You can use a bookcase or curio cabinet to showcase your collection, or store it and set up a display for special occasions. Either way, present your collectible coins and paper money in an attractive way to wow your friends.

Show off your American coins in attractive leather or vinyl coin albums or sleeves. Some coin supply companies sell custom albums for American dimes, pennies and nickels. Colorful, fold-out display maps of the 50 states are available for quarters. For those who prefer a classier look, try picture frames with cardboard folders inside to display the quarters.

Display your favorite coins in a wood cabinet with trays. Velvet-lined wood jewelry or classic silverware boxes can also be used to showcase your most beautiful or expensive coins. Store the coins in individual plastic coin cases, see-through envelopes or separate wood or plastic boxes.

Present your coins and paper money in a binder. This is a good choice if you have many coins to display and no space for picture frames or large trays or boxes. Place coins in waterproof plastic sheets and place sheets in the binder. Store on a shelf until its time to show your collection to visitors.

Spare no expense when you want to display a special coin. Single cherry wood boxes, similar to ring boxes, can be used to store and present coins with sentimental or historic value.

Browse websites that sell coins or coin supplies. Many of them, such as the Coin Supply Store website, offer specialized display cases and albums for specific coins.


  • Check eBay auctions for bargains on display maps and cases.


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