How to Display a Baseball Pennant Collection

Baseball pennants are a worthwhile hobby. Since they can change every year, they become collection items that can be valuable in later years. People pay large amounts of money for vintage baseball pennants so your collection can become priceless. However, if you are collecting them you may not want to part with any of them. Read on to discover how to not only display your baseball pennant collection but also preserve it.

Buy a display case. There are many display cases just for baseball pennants. A couple of sites are listed in the Resource section where you can buy them. You can always find them in stores too.

Build your own case. Since you may have a very distinct idea in mind of how to display your baseball pennant collection, you may want to design your own case. This way you know you will have the room to put all your baseball pennants into the case and not have to worry about buying another one later.

Select a spot to display your baseball pennant collection in your home. You may have a game room that will be ideal for this purpose, but if not you can make room in your bedroom--especially if you are living with your parents. A family room is another good place for you to display your baseball pennant collection.

Show off your collection. You are obviously proud of your baseball pennant collection so be sure you let people see it. Whether you have had to display it in an obscure area of your home or bedroom make sure people know you have it. Even if you have taken the time to set it up and have had to put it in a closet until you get your own place, you can always bring out your baseball pennant collection for it to be admired by others.


Making your own case can be time consuming, but in the end it will be well worthwhile. Always display your baseball pennant collection where others can see it and admire it. In lieu of this make sure it's on hand to display when you have company. You want all that hard work to pay off. Sharing makes everything worthwhile.

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