Directions for Making a Fabric Flower Girl Basket

flower basket image by Paul Retherford from

Making your own flower girl basket for your wedding can save money, and create a keepsake for a special girl in your life. You don't need to be hugely creative or crafty to complete this project. Personalize the basket based on your wedding colors and, if she gets to keep the basket, the flower girl's tastes. With only a few supplies and in less than an hour of your time, you can make a one-of-a-kind flower girl basket.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Basket
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Ribbon
  • Accents
  • Fabric
  • Fabric Measure

Use a fabric tape measure to measure the length of the basket that will form the base of your project. Measure from the edge of the back of the basket around the front, until the tape measure reaches the original starting point. Measure the inside of the basket down and across, if you are using a square basket. Measure the width of the basket. Add 3 inches to all measurements for gathering purposes and areas you tuck in.

Use the tape measure to measure the arm of the basket. Record the length and width, being sure to double your measurement to account for the top and bottom of the arm.

Roll out the fabric you've selected and measure the appropriate length and width to match your basket size. Cut the fabric with scissors. Cut the appropriate amount of fabric for the basket handle.

Turn the basket upside-down. Find the center of the fabric, using the fabric tape measure, if necessary. Run a thin stream of hot glue from your gun to the back edges of the fabric, parallel to the center of the basket. Start gluing your fabric to the basket every 2 inches for reinforcement. Glue the fabric up and around the basket, tucking in the sides to contour to the shape of the basket. Continue this process until your fabric reaches the starting point in the back, being sure to glue every 2 inches.

Take the fabric you cut for the handle. Start on the bottom edge of your basket and wrap the fabric around the bottom of the handle. Glue in place by gluing the fabric onto the basket on both edges of the handle. Continue this process until you reach the other end of the handle. As an alternative, you can wrap ribbon around the handle until it is completely covered. Glue in place.

Add decorative embellishments. Glue a ribbon around the basket using the hot glue gun. Add silk flowers around the edge of the basket, for a romantic touch. Tie a bow around the front or on the handle. Add petals to the basket.


  • Scour local flea markets or secondhand stores for a basic basket at a low cost.


  • Use caution with the hot glue gun to avoid burning. Do not let it stay on too long, as it will become extremely hot.