How to Design Pinewood Derby Templates Images

The Pinewood Derby is a Cub Scout wooden car race. Each child, with the aid of a parent, designs and makes a wooden race car out of a basic block of pine wood. Allow the child to participate as much as possible.

Choose a theme for your Pinewood Derby template, such as military, animal or cartoon.

Trace the side and top rectangles of the basic block of wood onto a piece of paper.


Sketch the way you wish for your car to look inside the side and top rectangles. You may change the shape of the rectangle and make it aerodynamic or sporty.


Cut out the template for the side design and the template for the top design.


Use your template to cut out your Pinewood Derby car.



  • Pinewood Derby cars do not go fast enough to require aerodynamic design. Putting more of the weight and bulk of the car in the front can help it to go faster.


  • Adhere to all Pinewood Derby rules for weight and size of the car.