Derby Crafts for Kids

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Since 1874, the Kentucky Derby has attracted horse lovers of all ages worldwide. To celebrate this annual horse race, parents and their children can participate in Derby crafts even if they can't make it to Churchill Downs Racetrack to watch the Run for the Roses.

Derby Party Craft

Young guests at Kentucky Derby parties can work on craft projects before the big race. The winner of the Derby is draped in roses and kids can crafts their own roses from tissue paper. Cut red and pink tissue paper into 3-inch squares. Using a pencil with an eraser, place the eraser in the center of the paper square. Turn the eraser so that it twists the paper into a rose shape. Bunch the bottom of each rose and secure them together with green pipe cleaners, leaving enough pipe cleaner to form stems.

Craft for Young Children

Young children can work on simple craft projects that commemorate the Derby. Parents can print out free horse coloring pages from websites such as Coloring Pages for Kids or Print Activities, or children may draw their own horses on drawing paper with crayons. Parents may need to help the children cut out the horse drawings and glue them to craft sticks. Once they are dry these horse puppets can be raced. Line the jockey children up and pretend to race the horses at the Kentucky Derby in the backyard or living room.

Repurposed Craft

Craft projects are an ideal way to repurpose used materials and scraps. Turn an old wrapping paper cardboard tube into a hobby horse. Fill a brown paper lunch bag with old newspaper, torn up into strips. Tie the bag onto the wrapping paper tube with yarn. Gently fold the paper bag over so it becomes the head for the horse. Use markers to draw eyes, a nose and a mouth. Glue on paper ears and glue on brown yarn for a mane.

Edible Craft

Kids may create edible crafts to celebrate the Kentucky Derby. Mint juleps are a Derby tradition and children can make simple non-alcoholic mint juleps. Start by crushing mint leaves in a mortar with a pestle. Then, have the children juice limes and lemons. Add ice to a child's cup and fill it 3/4 full of water. Add the juice, mint and a couple teaspoons of powdered sugar to create child-friendly mint juleps. Another food craft is bourbon balls. Omit the bourbon and just use cocoa, powdered sugar, butter, and pecans.