Decorating Ideas for Peacock Feathers

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Peacocks are some of nature's most brilliantly adorned birds, so it's no wonder that decorators look to the colorful feathers for inspiration. The teal, black and gold of a peacock feather can bring an elegant feel to a room. As you draft designs for your remodel, or if you are just thinking of adding a few accessories to your dining room walls, consider using peacock feathers as a base for your décor. The feathers are available in long or short varieties from most craft stores.


One of the simplest ways to decorate with peacock feathers is to find a container that coordinates with the color scheme of a room and add peacock feathers to it like a bouquet. You can do this with very small containers and place them on end tables, or you can use tall vases or umbrella stands and place long plumes in the container. Clear containers can be filled with colored gravel or ornaments and then have peacock feathers extending up out of the substrate.


Make a wreath to hang any time of the year using a plain straw wreath as a base. Cut the feathers very short and stick the ends in a dab of craft glue; then poke the feathers into place. Overlap the feathers as much as possible to cover the straw behind them, but be careful not to get the glue on any part of the feather except the stems. You will need a couple dozen feathers for a project like this, or you can add ribbons and fake leaves to fill out the wreath.


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Buy the type of clear plastic ornament available at Christmas, which you can use to make your own decorations for any time of the year. Cut the peacock feathers to be exactly the length of the bulbs. These ornaments have a hole in the top, so carefully slide the feather into the bulb and glue the lid on. You can glue the stem of the feather to the top of the ornament to stabilize it. Use teal ribbon to make a loop to hang the ornament anywhere you like.

Frames and Masks

Dress up old picture frames or mirrors by lining them with peacock feathers. You can cut and glue as many feathers as it takes to go all the way around the frames, or just place a few feathers strategically in the corners. Another wall-hanging you can make yourself is to buy a plain Halloween mask, glue tufts of feathers to it like a Mardi Gras mask and hang it for a festive look.