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Nothing can ruin a carefully decorated room like an ugly radiator. Unfortunately, radiators are usually impossible to remove or cover completely without creating a dangerous fire hazard. There are ways to hide an ugly radiator, however, usually by disguising its presence or blending it into the room’s overall design.


Matching paint helps a radiator blend into its surroundings.
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Paint is the simplest way to help an ugly radiator blend into its otherwise beautiful surroundings. When a wall behind a radiator and the radiator itself are painted the same deep, rich color, they tend to blend together visually. In this way, the radiator does not appear to be such an eyesore while still maintaining its functionality. However, renters should make sure that such a paint job is allowed in their lease before attempting.


Another way to hide an ugly radiator is to place a desk over top of it. If a store-bought desk will not fit, building a simple table to frame the radiator will work just as well. The wood boards used to construct the table should be painted the same color of the radiator in order to blend visually, and carefully arranged accessories atop the desk will help draw the eye away from the ugly radiator. Leave space for airflow on all sides of the radiator.


If a radiator is no longer used, it can be covered completely with fabric or curtains. This can be done simply enough by placing a wooden board atop the radiator and draping the fabric over the entire fixture. However, this should only be done with radiators that are no longer used or during the summer months when the heat is turned off.

Custom Cabinet

A considerably more difficult but permanent solution is to hide the radiator in a custom-built radiator cover that resembles a sideboard. These are cabinets that enclose the radiator completely, while having open or woven panels in the front that still allow air to flow safely. These can be built by amateurs or ordered from many professional carpenters.


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