Create Your Own Charming Luggage Tags

Forget scribbling your name and address on a flimsy paper tag. Make your luggage stand out from the crowd with our customized version.

Soak the Leather

Soak your leather tag in a bowl of water for about 20 seconds.


Leather is easier to work with when wet.

Dry the Leather

Pat dry your wet leather tag to remove excess water.

Tape the Guides

Using the clear tape as a guide for your stamps, place it on the leather tag in a straight line. You can use a ruler or straightedge to get your tape straight. This will help you line up your stamps before you hammer them into the leather.


Trace your leather tag onto a clean piece of paper. Cut it out and you can use this this as a template for your luggage tag. Use this template to align your address and any wording you wish to stamp on the tag.

Use the Wooden Block and Stamp With Hammer

Place the wooden block on a flat surface or tabletop. The wooden block acts a work surface when stamping and will prevent your tabletop or flat surface from getting damaged. Lay your prepared leather tag on top of the wooden block and stamp your address or wording using a hammer or mallet.


Hammer one clean hit as opposed to lighter repeated hits. To muffle the sound you can place a towel underneath the wooden block.

Peel the Tape and Tie the String

Gently peel away the tape and tie the elastic string through the hole on the tag.

Spot your luggage quickly with this unique label. Now all you have to do is beat that customs line.

About the Author

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