How to Create an Online Personal Journal

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The days of personal written diaries and journals are fast dwindling. Today, personal journals are created online with free Internet journaling websites. Templates are provided in designs to fit all styles. Fonts and colors are available for the journal keeper’s preferences. Journal websites allow you to choose who can read your journal by the creation of friend lists or subscribers. Most online personal-journal websites even offer spellcheckers and various search and filing methods that allow you to find a certain journal entry by topic or date. There are a wide array of available free online personal journal websites.

Research the different personal-journal websites by using a search engine online. LiveJournal, Blogger, Blogspot, and the Online Diary are only a few of the available free journal websites. Ask your friends and family about any online personal journals they may have used and listen to their experiences. This might help you decide which online journal you’d like to try. Don’t worry. If you don’t like the journal after you’ve started it, you can always delete your account and your journal will go away.

Choose a journal website that has features you like and register. Registration is free and often you are required to fill in a short form. Some journal websites require registration with your real name and information that may or may not be made available to the public. Many journals are simply connected to your email address and won’t ask for your real identity. These are features you should research to find an online journal with which you’re comfortable. It is possible to set up a free email account through Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail that your journal is linked to if you wish to keep your journal updates separate from your primary email account.

Set up the look and background of your journal by using one of the free templates. Setting up a journal is as easy as clicking on the template that you like best. Backgrounds such as flowers, nature scenes, skulls, seasonal offerings or sports are offered by most of the online personal-journal websites. Choose the font size, style and color.

Establish a friend or subscriber list of people you know who also have online journals on that website, or choose a private option allowing only certain people to see your entries. Personal online-journal websites offer different privacy options. This is a feature you should research before deciding on a site.

Type your entry into the space available. Most journal websites do not have requirements on how many entries you must make, so how often you decide to write is entirely up to you. Write about your daily activities, thoughts and insights you might want to share with others. Hobbies and work-related entries are also popular.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Email account
  • Online journal website of your choice
  • Template of your choice


  • If privacy is an issue for you, make sure you read all policies of the online personal-journal website you are considering before you register for a journal.