Crafts Using Fan Globes

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Once your ceiling fan is worn out and has stopped working, you may be tempted to throw away the entire system. However, you may wish to save money and resources by recycling the glass fan globes for craft projects. Decorate the globes and place them around your home, in your garden or in your yard.


Use an old fan globe and a piece of wide-rimmed PVC pipe to create a colorful garden reflector. Match the diameter of the PVC pipe as closely as possible to the rim of the fan globe for a tighter fit. Color the pipe gold with spray paint. Make sure the globe is clean before coating it with a layer of clear sealant. Hot-glue an old, unwanted CD into the cavity of the fan globe. Flip the globe over and glue the rim to the PVC pipe with clear caulk. Your finished reflector can be placed into the ground in a sunny area to reflect the sunlight off of the CD.

Snow Globes

Use your old fan globes to create a large, personalized snow globe. Scrape off any paint coating on the exterior of the globe to expose the clear glass surface. Cut a piece of mirror tile to fit exactly over the rim of the globe. Glue a plastic picture frame or a figurine vertically onto the surface of the mirror tile. Fill the fan globe with small polystyrene beads or glitter and water. Glue the mirror tile onto the globe to cover the cavity. Use caulking to waterproof the edges. Glue the back of the mirror tile onto a wooden board or metallic platter for additional support.

Candle Holder

Recycle your old fan globe by making it into a candle holder for thick, pillar candles. Use a fan globe that has a frosted surface for a more dimmed appearance. Glue the curve of the globe onto a piece of mirror tile or colorful ceramic tile so the globe will remain stationary. Decorate the exterior of the globe with ribbon, acrylic paint or adhesive crystals. Place your pillar candle into the center of the fan globe and light it. Use the candle holder as a centerpiece or coffee table decoration.

Garden Statue

Create a homemade gazing orb for your garden using a recycled fan globe. Gather shades of acrylic paint. Pour the paint into the clear glass orb. Cover the opening of the globe with plastic sheeting, taping it securely in place. Shake the orb until the colors marble together and coat the entire inside of the globe. Flip the globe over so that the plastic sheeting is on a flat surface, preferably covered with a dropcloth to prevent damage. Once the paint has dried on the inside of the orb, remove the plastic sheeting and glue the fan globe onto the top of a large piece of PVC pipe or an old birdbath stand.