Crafts Using Fabric to Decoupage Glass Plates

By Benna Crawford ; Updated September 15, 2017
Use decoupage to create attractive plates.

Select crafts using fabric to decoupage glass plates. Turn plain plates into works of art when you glue fabric to the back and add lacquer or painted edges. Use decoupage glass plates for dining, decorating, candy dishes and gifts. While decoupage is simple enough for children, a dedicated artist can create impressive crafts.

Display Plates

Display photos in a series of wall-mounted decorative plates. Choose your favorite photos and print them on fabric. Decoupage the photo-fabric to the backs of clear glass plates of the same size. Let the plates dry. Since the plates are for display, they don't need elaborate lacquer sealers over the decoupage glue. Hang plate display stands in a row or a grid. Add your plates. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the plates if they become dusty.

Add botanical print fabric to a set of glass plates for an an elegant wall treatment. Decoupage fabric flowers or plants to the plates. Add a light brushing of gold paint to the plates' edges. Hang the plates in a powder room or library.

Gift Platters

Decorate clear glass plates or platters with holiday-themed fabric. Select inexpensive cotton fabric featuring such holiday images as snowmen, Christmas trees, angels, jack-o-lanterns, Easter eggs, exploding fireworks or flags. Decoupage the fabric to the glass. Let it dry. Add thin coats of oil-based lacquer so you can wash the plate. Do not put the plate in the dishwasher. Give it a quick swish and rinse in the sink.

This craft works well as a hostess gift. Cook or bake a holiday treat. Arrange your baked goods on your decoupage platter. Wrap the gift in cellophane and tie it closed with a curly ribbon. Include washing instructions for the platter.

Tea Party Plates

Turn a fantasy tea party into a special occasion with small decoupage glass plates. Choose colorful fabric sprinkled with ladybugs, fairies or flowers. Add fabric decorated with pale gingham checks for mix-and-match plates. Decoupage the fabric to glass saucers or dessert plates. Let the plates dry. Add thin coats of oil-based lacquer for heavy use. Use water-based lacquer if the plates won't need real washing.

Use leftover fabric to make a tablecloth and matching napkins. Give the decoupage tea party plates and linens to your young hostess. Help her round up stuffed animal guests for an afternoon tea party.

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