Crafts to Make With Stones

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Collecting stones, rocks and pebbles seems to be part of human nature. Many people feel compelled to pick one up when they spot one that is special in some way -- which is probably why stone crafts have been around so long. There are plenty of creative things you can do with a handful of rocks, from making keepsakes and decorations for the home to games.

Inspiration Rocks

You have probably seen commercially produced inspiration rocks in gift shops. These stones have inscriptions sand-blasted into them so that the words are recessed. Make your own personal and unique inspiration rocks from stones and pebbles you have collected by painting or stenciling words onto them and then sealing the surface with varnish. Large inspiration rocks are a pleasing addition to gardens and window ledges. Your choice of words is up to you, but popular inspirations are "love", "peace" and "dream."

Felted Rocks

Another way of turning pebbles into keepsakes is to cover them with felt. Felting has become an increasingly popular craft in recent years. Rocks are wrapped in wool fibers and soaked in soapy hot water. The fibers are agitated or massaged until they become matted, forming the felt. Covering rocks with felt creates something unnatural and intriguing -- soft rocks. Their tactile quality makes these especially nice for carrying around in your pocket so it's the perfect way to turn a small stone picked up on a romantic stroll into a sweet gift for your loved one.

Decorate With Stones

It’s simple to create stone accents that will blend perfectly into modern décor. Start with a monochromatic color palette. Select a marker or paint shade in the same color family as the stone you are working with. Simple line drawings work best; think modern cave paintings. Try echoing a shape, pattern or motif that’s already a part of your room. A single illustrated stone makes a perfect doorstop, while a group of stones can tell a story.

Rock Dominoes

An ideal craft project for kids, especially on a family camping trip, is creating a set of rock dominoes. You’ll need 28 flat oval shaped stones for a standard set of Double-Six dominoes. Use acrylic paint to add the lines and pips (dots). If you’re not sure about the arrangement of the pips, print out a reference image from, where you’ll also find rules and instructions for playing many popular domino games. After your rock dominoes are painted, let them dry in the sun and you're all set to play dominoes on the beach, by the campfire or in your own backyard.