Crafts to Make for a Nurse

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There are many different motifs and objects associated with nursing that can provide inspiration for craft projects. Look out for old nursing related objects in junk shops, such as old nurse caps or uniforms, to use in your projects, and collect historic pictures of nurses from war magazines or history books to use in your crafts.

Thermometer Pendant

Make an unusual pendant from thermometers. You will need three tube shaped glass thermometers. Make sure you use modern "mercury free" versions, which contain a substance called Galistan rather than mercury, which is toxic. Roll out and flatten a square of colored polymer craft clay into a rectangle, approximately 1/2 cm thick. Lay the thermometers side by side and press them into the clay so they are thoroughly embedded in it with clay squeezing up between each thermometer. Using a ruler for straight lines, etch a rectangular border about 1/2 cm wide around the three thermometers and cut away excess clay with a craft knife. Carefully remove the thermometers, leaving their imprint in place in the clay rectangle. Pierce a hole in the center of the top border with a thick needle. Bake or leave the clay to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, then glue the thermometers back in place with craft glue. Thread the pendant onto a thick cord or chain.


Turn a plain, white covered notebook into a cute crafted nurse's notebook with a felt cut out. Purchase a notebook with a plain white cover. Take a piece of red felt and, using a ruler to ensure straight lines and correct measurements, draw a cross with arms of equal length on it with dressmakers chalk. Use a craft knife to cut out the cross and stick it onto the front of the notebook with craft adhesive.

Decoupage Box

Create a cute historic nursing themed keepsake box using decoupage techniques. Using a plain wooden or cardboard box as a base, cut around the outline of old magazine photos or colored photocopies of nurses in traditional uniforms from the past, such as Florence Nightingale or WWII nurses. Coat the surface of the box in PVA glue, dampen each cut out and carefully smooth it in place on top of the box. When dry, apply a coat of PVA glue to seal.

Bandage Photo Frame

Make a funny photo frame to display a photo of a nurse by wrapping a plain wooden frame in bandages. Apply a coat of craft glue to both sides of the frame and wrap a narrow stretch bandage around it. Keep the overlapping slightly haphazard, so it does not look too professional. Use just two layers of bandage so the frame does not become too thick. Hook a few medical safety pins through the outside layer of the bandage. Insert a photo and stick two small Band-aids in a cross shape in one of the bottom corners of the glass cover to add to the medical theme.


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