Crafts for Kids with Paper & Markers

Paper crafts develop fine motor development.
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Creating a craft doesn’t need to be elaborate. Although there are many crafts that require several supplies, there are crafts you and your child can do together, with only paper, markers, scissors and glue. Spending time together making a craft allows your child to build her fine motor skills, imagination as well as create memories you both will cherish for years to come.

Paper People

Help your child create a life-sized paper person using a large piece of paper and markers. Roll out a large strip of newsprint — available at craft or office supply stores — on the floor. Have your child lie on the paper, in the position he would like his “paper person” to be. Carefully trace around him with a marker. When you have finished tracing him, allow your child to decorate the outline with markers. Encourage him to outline and then color his favorite outfit including drawing in the socks and shoes. Create a new person every year to see how much your child has grown, or have your child trace around you and any siblings, to create a paper family.

Family Tree

Spend a rainy afternoon with your child creating a family tree. Help her draw a tree design on brown construction paper and cut it out. The tree should have several branches, to list multiple family members. Glue the tree onto a sheet of colored paper and allow it to dry completely. Help your child draw several green leaf shapes and cut the leaves out. The leaves will attach onto the various branches of the tree, with the names of each relative written in marker. If your child is old enough, have her write her name on a leaf using a marker. Continue writing the names of each relative — siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts — on the pieces of paper, until you have a collection of leaves with names. Starting at the bottom of the tree, have your child paste on the leaves with her grandparents’ names. Continue working up the tree with your child, gluing the names of her parents, aunts and uncles and finishing with her own name and any siblings.

Chain Critters

Create “chain creatures” using construction paper, markers and some imagination. Cut out 1-inch by 6-inch strips of paper, in different colors. Your child can decorate the strips of construction paper with markers to create spots, strips or various patterns for the animal of his choice. Attach the 1-inch ends of paper together using glue, staples or tape. Create a chain of paper by threading the strips through each hole, fastening them together as you go. Once you have created your chains, attach them to a paper plate to create an octopus; add a head to the chain to create a snake or caterpillar; create a cat body and use the chain as a tail, whatever your child desires.

Keepsake Wreath

Create a family keepsake using your child's hand print. Gather several colors of construction paper, laying each one out flat on a table. Instruct your child to place her hand on the construction paper, and carefully trace around each hand with a marker. Repeat this for each color selected, ideally having approximately 20 hand prints total. Carefully cut out the hand prints and have your child decorate them with markers, glue, glitter, stickers, buttons or paint. When the hand prints have dried, shape the hand prints into a circle "wreath" — palm-side in the center — secure with glue or tape when you are happy with the shape.