Craft Show Display Ideas

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When you participate in a craft show, your booth design can have a huge effect on your sales. Don't just lay things out on a table—that may not get enough attention. Make your craft items stand out from all the others. Most importantly, keep your area tidy and organized.


Use signs to convey a variety of messages to your potential customers. Display a large sign that holds your company name and your website address. Set business cards out on the table for people to take. Clearly label all of your items so that people don't have to ask how much things cost. Finally, especially if your crafts look simple, display a sign that says, "I know you can make it—the question is, will you?" This can encourage more people to buy.


Display tables are prime real estate in a craft show booth—use yours wisely. By covering the table with a long table cloth, an extra space is formed under the table for hidden storage. Organize your items in a neat way. Don't allow your crafts to pile up. Adjust placement as customers move away.


For some craft artists, creating a theme within a booth space helps the booth stand out. For example, if you sell country-themed crafts, set up your space to look like a country home. If you sell quilts, create a quilted tablecloth to line your table, and make your signs using quilting techniques.

In Use Display

Display your craft as the purchaser would use it in her home. For example, if your craft is meant to hide a tissue box or an extra roll of toilet paper, set it up like that so people can see what it looks like. If you're selling Christmas ornaments, display them on a tree.

Gaining Height

If you're only using the table to display your crafts, you're not using your full display space. Make use of the height by purchasing booth accessories to allow you to display your crafts vertically. For example, place a wire rack and use it to display earrings, or purchase shelving units to display additional products.