Craft Ideas for Children's Calendars

Helping your children create their own calendars with craft materials can inspire their imaginations as well as provide hours of entertainment. There are several ideas you can incorporate as you help your child create a personalized calendar. You can purchase the supplies you will need at craft stores or retailers with a crafts section such as Wal-Mart.


As any parent knows, children love to put stickers on everything. Creating a calendar that incorporates your child's favorite stickers, whether of superheros, animals or fire engines, can make for a activity he will enjoy. Purchase construction paper, markers and crayons along with any other craft materials you think your child will want to use on her calendar, along with packs of stickers. You may even want to create customized stickers. To do this, take your child's drawings (or your own) and then have them printed on paper with a sticky back.

Hand Drawings and Paint

Another approach for your child to pursue in creating a crafts calendar is to use his own drawings. The drawings or paintings produced can focus on a theme, like favorite baby animals or depictions of the whole family enjoying different activities each month of the year. Depending on the age of your child, she may enjoy creating the numerical part of her calendar in a basic graphic program like Microsoft Paint. It is also possible to create drawings in Paint and print them out. Simply fasten the calendar together and add any extras like stickers or ribbon.


Stencils can be found in an array of different designs, from flowers and butterflies to animals and more. You may need to help your children learn how to use stencils, depending on their age. You can also create your own stencils. Use these to create personalized patterns and illustrations for each month of the year.