Craft for the Bible Story of Peter & the Fish

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The Christian Bible story of the disciple Peter and the miraculous catch of fish can be taught through a simple craft that you can lead children in during a Sunday School hour or during a Vacation Bible School activity period. Peter and other disciples had been fishing all night without catching any fish. Then, Jesus showed up and turned this story around.

The Story

Read the text of John 21 to the children before beginning. You may use a children's story book or summarize the story. According to the Biblical text, Jesus comes to the shore in the morning (after he has been raised from the dead) and calls out to Peter and the disciples, telling them to throw their nets over the right side of the boat. They do -- and catch nets full of fish. Peter drags the net full of fish to shore. After eating with Jesus, Peter has a conversation with Jesus, and Jesus asks Peter to feed Jesus' sheep. In other words, Jesus wants Peter to nurture and take care of fellow Christian believers. Through this conversation, Jesus lets Peter know that he loves Peter, despite Peter's betrayal of Jesus earlier.

The Materials

Gather colored craft paper, scissors, markers, colored pencils, crayons, googly doll eyes, white craft glue and glue sticks. Lay the materials on a wide, flat workspace so the children can line up on either side of the table.

The Fish

Lead the children in making fish out of paper. You can use a printout template of a fish with a wide enough body to write a name on it, or you can draw a free-form fish. Cut out the fish and decorate it with craft supplies such as markers, colored pencils and crayons. Glue a googly doll eye on the fish face with white craft glue. Write the name of the child on the fish's body with a marker.

The Net

Stretch a net or gauze across a bulletin board and staple it in place. Using push pins, stick the fish of the children made into the "net." As each child places her fish in the net, remind her of Jesus' request of Peter, to take care of other Christians and to follow Jesus the rest of Peter's life. Through this process, the child will be reminded of Jesus' love and provision.