Cool Math Games for 4th Grade Kids

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Behavior specialist Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., writing on the website Parenting Science, says that games encourage kids to "consider the concept of rules, practice following rules (and) reason about moral problems." For this reason, playing educational games can be particularly helpful when students are interested in improving math skills. Teaching students how to follow rules in general carries over into lesson plans that reflect the linear nature and black-and-white aspects that follow math logic and application.


Head online to enjoy a variety of fun, educational math games at Cool Multiple skill levels apply, bright and lively graphics are applicable and students enjoy being challenged while practicing necessary math skills. Fourth-grade skills that need to be learned and honed include a strong understanding of multiplication and division from memory, number placement into the thousandths and fractions. Some games on Cool Math that help kids enjoy learning these skills are taught by a character named Zeebo, King of the Fractions, and titles include Fractions: The Magic 1 and Fractions: Improper Fractions.

Simply Fractions Zombie Board Game

Simply Fractions Zombie Board Game offers free online access so that educators and parents can download the necessary game board to play the game. Print one copy of the board, preferably on size 11- by 14-inch paper. After marking the board with the applicable boxes and numbers, affix contact paper to secure for long-term use. Zombie's rules are easy to understand and game play is simple and fun. Craft little zombie creatures out of modeling clay and use these pieces as game pieces. Players take turns moving left to right across the board, space by space and following the directions given on each individual square. The first player to reach the "end" square wins the game. Coffee Shop is another game that allows kids to run their own cafe and be responsible for all financial duties associated with the endeavor.

Knowledge Adventure

Online site Knowledge Adventure offers a vast array of games covering a variety of subject matter. Math games are available in different skill levels and some games offer advancement to multiple levels within the same game. Students enjoy practicing multiplication and division skills as well as learning how to master fraction problems in an entertaining but challenging manner. Some appropriate game titles for fourth-graders include Quick Calculate, wherein kids solve math problems and accumulate points in each round, and Picture Math, which talks kids through problems while they click on number pictures in search of a given target answer.

Dr. Mike's Math Games for Kids

Dr. Mike's offers a variety of educational yet enjoyable games for fourth-graders to play to improve their math skills. The challenging strategy games that Dr. Mike's site offers include Color Switcher and The Traffic Jam. In Color Switcher, players move colored beads around in and out different spaces until all beads switch colors. In Traffic Jam, kids are required to employ strategy in order to move other cars out of their path so that they may personally exit the game. Students play against the computer and under the watchful eye of a time clock to race to the finish first. Strategy games help grade-school students prepare for the complex and intricate principles needed to be successful in geometry and pre-algebra, which are both taught in middle school.