How to Convert Volt to Amps

By Contributor ; Updated April 12, 2017
Interconvert volts to amps using Ohm's law.

Volt is the measure of the potential to transfer electricity. It is synonymous to the water pressure in a garden hose. Amperes is the measure of the number of electrons flowing through circuit. The amount of water flowing through a hose would be analogous to amps. These are completely different measurements, however they can be inter-converted using the Ohm's law.

Divide the voltage of the circuit by the resistance of the circuit to convert from voltage to amps.

Multiply the amperage by the resistance to convert from amps to voltage.

Label the voltage in volts, the amperage or current in amps, and the resistance in ohms.

Things Needed

  • Voltage of circuit
  • Resistance of circuit