Confirmation Scrapbook Page Ideas

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Confirmation is a religious sacrament of the Catholic faith that represents a person's commitment to the Catholic faith. Many confirmation candidates are teenagers, but other parishioners complete their confirmation as adults. This event is an important milestone and should be commemorated in your scrapbook album. Several page options are available, including scrapbooking a journal of your religious journey, the bishop's blessing, religious themes, family member photos and the event's itinerary.


Make journal entries during your confirmation preparation. Talk about what you are learning and how it changes how you feel about different issues. Share your thoughts and your concerns. Attach journal pages directly to your scrapbook or make small envelopes on your page and place the pages inside. Another option is to take a meaningful memory or quote from your journal writing and write it out on an index or other decorative card.


Showcase your pictures of the bishop or priest confirming you. Use a page with crosses or religious quotes that has an antique look. Ink the edges of the page with stamps. Crumble up photo borders and then glue them in place over your photo. Include a photo of the action and then a posed photo with your sponsor and the bishop. Add photo tags with the bishop's name, date of your confirmation and name of the church.


Pick a theme that you have learned through your confirmation preparation. Some examples include forgiveness, compassion, love, acceptance and service. Use chipboard or block letters to make the title with the theme word. Include pictures of you completing an activity reminiscent of the theme. Take pictures of you volunteering for a "Service" page or hugging a family member for a "Love" page. Include a quote or verse that ties the theme into the page.


Make a scrapbook page to showcase your keepsake certificate. Place a border around the certificate in the middle of the page. Add religious accents and stickers, such as a cross, church and bible. Describe the purpose of a rosary you received as a gift, why you chose the saint for your confirmation name or the items that the priest gave you after mass.

Friends and Family

Include pictures of the confirmation candidate with each family member and friend that attended the service. Make a grid template and cut each picture to size. Add the pictures to the page. Add photo tags and accents.


Write a bible verse on a page that holds special significance to you. Write it in calligraphy or use a computer font. Add the chapter and verse name and number. Write why you feel this verse has relevance to your life. Make a large cross out of construction paper for the background behind the verse. Add ribbon under the verse and a metallic cross and beads to the page. As an alternative, draw the shape of rosary beads on the page in colored pencils or markers.