Christmas Fudge Ideas

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Homemade Christmas fudge is a thoughtful and delicious gift. Making the fudge yourself shows a caring touch, and it can help save money over store-bought presents. You also may serve the fudge as an indulgent dessert for a family dinner or an attractive snack for a holiday party. Whatever the reason for its creation, there are many ways to make and package the candy to ensure it’s flavorful and eye-catching.

Fudge 101

Fudge is a semi-soft candy frequently made with a base mixture of sugar, butter and cream. Use additional ingredients, such as nuts, chocolate or flavored syrups, to create different types of fudge, such as chocolate pecan and butterscotch coffee.

Christmas Tree Fudge

Decorate chocolate fudge with colorful candies and icing to turn the sweet treat into a colorful Christmas tree. Pour any fudge recipe into a Christmas-tree-shaped pan and let it cool. Alternately, pour the fudge into a large rectangle pan, let it cool, then cut a pine-tree shape from the rectangle. Pipe thin lines of white icing across the tree like hanging garlands. Use dabs of white icing to attach colorful small candies around the tree to represent ornaments. Let the icing harden. Place the fudge on a large plate and wrap it with clear plastic so the decorated tree is visible to the recipient.

Christmas Ornaments Fudge

Pour fudge into the bottom of muffin tins instead of in a regular pan to create sweets that look like round Christmas-tree ornaments. Make small batches of various fudges, such as chocolate-walnut and butterscotch, so you can mix and match different-colored ornaments in each gift plate. Use assorted icings and toppings to make each ornament unique. For example, sprinkle crushed peppermint candies in small lines over a chocolate fudge ornament for a classic striped appearance and peppermint-bark taste. Make dots in brightly colored frosting across maple fudge for a cheerful look. Wrap each individual fudge ornament in plastic wrap and stack them together in a holiday basket.

Christmas Gift Fudge

All you need is some frosting and fondant to turn classic squares of fudge into colorful holiday presents. Make fudge in bright colors for this Christmas treat, such as red cherry fudge and green mint-chocolate fudge. Roll out sheets of colored fondant. Cut small strips from the fondant and bend them into bow shapes. Use a dot of frosting to stick a colorful bow to the top of each fudge square. Stack a single layer of the fudge in a paper-lined box and top the box with a Christmas bow.

Gingerbread Man Fudge

Use gingerbread-colored fudge, such as maple or caramel, to create your own fudge gingerbread men. Pour the fudge into a rectangular pan, let it cool, then use a gingerbread-man cookie cutter to cut the proper shape from the fudge. Outline the cookie and draw a simple face with white icing. Add three raisins or candies down the body as buttons. Stack the fudge men on a plate and cover them with festively-decorated plastic wrap.