Christian Women Crafts

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Show your appreciation for and faith in Christianity with crafts personalized with images, Bible verses and loving phrases that reflect your beliefs. Wander around your home when searching for ideas of how to add decorative details that honor your love for God. Record spiritual growth by displaying appropriate verses, phrases or images on pillows, blankets or in photo albums and scrapbooks.

Cross Stitched Purse Organizer

Make searching through your purse for keys, your cell phone or lipstick quick and easy with this sewing craft. You can complete it by hand or use a machine. Begin by selecting your desired color of cotton fabric and cutting a 12-by-13-inch rectangle. Fold the long end of the fabric 1/4 inch and sew closed. Follow this by folding the opposite side down 3 inches, pinning in place and sewing at 1/8 of an inch from the fold. Create as many pockets as you wish and add threading detail around edges if desired. Add a Christian symbol or Bible verse to each pocket. A gold or silver thread cross and verses Philippians 3:13,14 and John 1:3-5 are applicable, as they address issues of hope and love.


Women that already enjoy scrapbooking will find faithbooking an equally enjoyable way to apply creative ideas. Capture the different stages of spiritual growth. If you don't already have an empty scrapbook, head to the local dollar store or clearance area in a craft store and pick one up. Decorate pages with various photographs reflecting spiritual growth. A baptism, religious retreat, group Bible study breakfast or after-hours fellowship are applicable. Glue cream or gold-colored ribbon around the edges of photos. Add Bible verses with gold and silver metallic pens around the borders of the pages.

T-Shirt Pillow

Recycle a T-shirt or soft sheet or blanket by turning it into a decorative living room or bedroom pillow. Pick material that boasts a cross design, offers a Bible verse or pictures of a religious article like the Bible. Begin by deciding what size pillow you desire and cut two identical pieces of material to fit these needs. Create rectangle, square, circle or oval shapes. Sew up material by hand or on the machine leaving a 1-inch opening. Add stuffing filler through the opening and then sew it shut. Add embroidered ribbon around all four sides for added decorative flair.

No-Sew Window Treatments

No-sew window treatments that reflect your personal faith and love for God are simple to complete. Wallpaper, contact paper, greeting cards and stationary all offer a variety of Christian images. After deciding on your design, cut paper into 4-by-4-inch squares and laminate on both sides. Make as many squares as are needed to reach from the curtain rod to the base of the window. Punch holes at top and bottom of the squares and connect them with large paper clips. On the first in each row, hang a metal clip and affix to the rod. Add a metal clip on the last square to weigh it down.