Christian Love Crafts

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Sunday school classes, Vacation Bible School and Christian children's groups teach Bible truths in a variety of ways. Crafts are one activity you can use to keep kids engaged. Christian love crafts can be used for a theme that carries on through VBS or several weeks of Sunday school or Bible club. Many stories in the Bible focus on Christian love. Memory verses abound for this theme also. Kids can learn lessons or Bible verses through Christian love crafts.

Love Others - Puzzle

Create a puzzle to suit various ages of children.
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Take a digital picture of the class or group of children. Print the picture on 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 inch paper, one copy for each child. Have the kids glue the picture onto a piece of construction paper or poster board that is larger than the picture. Kids can draw designs around outside edges of the puzzle and write a Christian love memory verse on the bottom edge of the puzzle.

Turn the puzzle over and have kids draw puzzle shapes. Younger children can make their puzzle into three or four simple pieces, while older kids can make the puzzle pieces more difficult. Send the puzzles home in a zippered plastic bag.

Jesus Loves Me Cross

Type the words to the song, "Jesus Loves Me" in a column about 3 inches wide.

Reproduce a copy for each child. Have the kids glue the song print onto a piece of sturdy paper or cardboard. Glue craft sticks to form a cross around the song, one craft stick wide throughout, except for the two crossbars, and four or five sticks tall. In the two empty spaces on the cross, glue a picture of Jesus in one of the spaces and a small picture of the child on the other. The background outside of the cross can remain or be trimmed away. Kids can glue foam cutouts or other craft materials to decorate their cross wall hangings. Tape on a loop of plastic lacing to form a hanger.

Jesus Loves You - I Love You Pendants

Make a two-sided pendant or key chain from craft foam. Kids can cut out any shape they choose, about 3 inches up and down or across. Cut two small hearts from craft foam. Glue a heart in the center of each side of the foam shapes that the kids cut out. On one side of the shape, glue on a Jesus sticker to the left of the heart and a U shape to the right of the heart. On the other side, kids can glue on an "I" to the left of the heart and a "U" to the right of the heart. Poke a hole in the top edge of the shape and thread of piece of lacing or string through for a necklace or a key chain.

Love Is - Mobile

I Corinthians 13:4-8 contains the "love is" verses in the New Testament. Have kids cut hearts from plastic milk jugs. Kids can use permanent markers to write a love word from the verses, such as "patient" or "kind". Kids can make as many hearts with love words as they wish. Tie string onto each heart and hang the hearts from a clothes hanger.