Children's Parlor Games

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One of the main focuses of a children's party is keeping kids entertained. If you don't have a fair selection of activities at your child's party, your young guests may become bored and perhaps unruly. A few fun children's parlor games prepared for your party guests can help keep the children entertained and make your child's party a successful event.

Gossip Game

The gossip game requires whispering messages.
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The gossip game is a fun parlor game for children that may also teach a lesson about the inaccuracy of information when passed by word of mouth. Assemble a group of kids in a line or circle. Write down a short paragraph--about two to four sentences--and allow the first player in the group to quickly look it over, not allowing other players to see. Player one then whispers the written information into the ear of the player next to him. Each player passes the information, to the best of her recollection, to the next player until the message passes through all players and back to the original messenger who repeats the final message aloud to compare accuracy to the original message.

Pass the Slipper

The center child must close his eyes in Pass the Slipper games.
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Assemble the children in a large circle, choosing one to be "it" and remain in the center of the group. Choose a small object such as a ball or toy to be "the slipper". The center child must close her eyes while the other children pass the slipper around the circle behind their backs. After about a minute, have the children stop passing the slipper--keeping it concealed--and let the center child open her eyes to guess which child is holding the slipper. If she guesses correctly, the child with the slipper becomes "it" and the game continues. If her guess is incorrect, she must close her eyes and try again.

Name Game

Pen and paper is used for the Name Game.
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The Name Game requires four or more players, a pen or pencil, paper and a hat or basket. Assemble players in a large circle and distribute several strips of paper to each participant. Have them write down the name of a famous person such as an actor, politician, musician or historical figure on each strip. Fold the papers up and toss into a hat or basket. Have one player draw a name from the basket and give detailed clues to the person next to him without saying the name of the person on the paper. The guesser has 30 seconds to come to a conclusion; if correct, the guesser and clue giver receive one point. The basket is then passed to the guesser who becomes the clue giver and a next guesser joins a new round. At the end of the game, the player with the most points is declared the winner.