Children's Dance Craft Ideas

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Children who enjoy dance most likely will love to participate in making dance-related crafts. These projects can display certain themes of dance or they can even serve as props to use while dancing. You can make a variety of dance crafts with some simple supplies and a little time and effort.

Dancers' Wand

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You can assist your young dancers in making a "wand" that they can use in dance performances. You can use a wooden dowel or a wooden paint stirrer as the handle. The handle should be approximately between 10 and 20 inches long. Supply your students with plenty of art supplies for decorating the handles. Paint, markers, stickers and decorative ribbon make nice accents for the handle. Once the handle is decorated, attach one to four streamers to the end of the handle. You can even attach streamers to both ends if you like. Ideally the streamers should be at least 12 inches long and can be attached with a hot glue gun or with sturdy tape. The dancers can then use the wands to wave as they dance.

Decorative Slippers

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This craft is a good way to recycle old ballet slippers that might otherwise go to waste. Have the children bring old slippers for this project if they have previous dance experience, or call a local dance studio or school to see if they have any old slippers that they could donate. Glue on various decorative items such as costume jewels or glitter. Use puff paint or glitter paint to write the child's name or inspirational words on the slippers. Tie the ribbons on each shoe together in a central knot so that they can be hung as a decoration.


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Scarves also make a nice prop for dance performances. You can turn an ordinary scarf into a beautiful craft project that's also useful. Begin by selecting solid colored scarves made of chiffon or a similar material. Use glue to attach rhinestones or other fake jewels. You also can use puff paint or glitter paint to add designs. You might even want to dip portions of the scarf into clothing dye. Once the scarves are dry, use them in an eye-catching dance performance.