Children's Church Crafts for Jericho Walls Images

God revealed to Joshua that Jericho was an enemy of the Israelites and He told Joshua how to defeat the people of the city. Joshua had to have his army walk around the walls of Jericho for seven days and then blow trumpets after they completed the last lap. After blowing the trumpets, the Israelites had to shout and the walls of Jericho would fall. Joshua and the Israelites obeyed and they defeated Jericho. Children can learn about Joshua’s great faith in God by creating these Bible-based crafts that teach about this miraculous event.

Jericho Horns

The Sunday School Teaching Resources website recommends giving each student a piece of construction paper with the name “Joshua” printed at the top in capital letters. Cut out small square pieces of red or brown construction paper to resemble the bricks of the wall. Have the students glue the pieces of paper to the paper with Joshua’s name. Next, have students to roll the paper unevenly, lengthwise and have them leave a tiny opening at the edge, with a large opening at the top. When students glue the bricks and roll their paper into horns, make sure that they keep Joshua’s name visible. Horns can be stapled or glued for stability after they’re constructed. Blow into the horns to make some music and use them for a parade around the room.

Jericho Wall

Construct Jericho’s walls can be constructed using cereal or packing boxes covered in construction paper or paint. Build the walls in straight lines or in a circle. Let the children build the walls as high or as low as they desire. Students can reenact the story of Jericho and kick or smash the wall to imitate the fall of Jericho.

Jericho Food Walls

The Mission Arlington website recommends using pretzels, croutons and peanut butter to make the walls of Jericho for a fun children's church craft. Attach pretzels to a picture of the walls of Jericho with frosting or marshmallow cream, or create a three dimensional wall with the pretzels. Once the children fix the pretzels on the paper they can emulate the walls of Jericho being destroyed by eating the pretzels. Croutons can also be formed into a wall by using peanut butter like glue to keep the wall together. This wall can be devoured if the students choose to consume the creation.

Can Do Can

Joshua had great faith as he carried out the instructions that God gave him in order to defeat Jericho. The Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities website recommends having Sunday school students make a “Can Do Can” to help remind them about Joshua’s great victory and how to trust in God. Cover a plastic juice can or a metal can with construction paper. Cut out horn and tambourine shapes from different colored construction paper, glue the instrument shapes to pipe cleaners and draw Bible verses from Joshua's story around the can. Stick a piece of a paper with the words “My Can Do Can” on a pipe cleaner or wooden craft stick and stick it in the can. Have the children write down things that the Lord helps them with, like he helped Joshua and the Israelites, on the instrument shapes, then stick them in the can.