How to Get Certified as a Basketball Official

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If you are a basketball enthusiast and want to get in on the action, you can become a certified official. The IAABO (International Association of Approved Basketball Officials) offers certification tests for potential officials. To obtain certification you must pass both a written test and a practical floor examination. You must score at least 86 percent on the written examination to advance to the practical floor test. Examinations are held every November.

Call the IAABO and find a testing center in your area. The IAABO's phone number is 777-713-8129.

Contact your local testing center and find the location of the nearest exam center in your area. A yearly written exam takes place on the first Monday of November.

Study for the upcoming written examination. Practice tests are available online for you to study. The IAABO also offers classes every October to prepare you for the November exam.

Take the written exam and score at least 86 percent. If you fail to score 86 percent but score at least 76 percent, you can advance to take the practical floor examination. If you pass the practical examination, you can then retake the written exam and attempt to score 86 percent.

Take the practical floor examination. During the floor examination, you will act as an official in a basketball game. The foul calls you make or do not make during the floor exam will determine whether you pass. An IAABO official will be present to grade your performance. If you pass the practical floor examination, you will be a certified IAABO official.