Cardboard Box Ideas

Cardboard boxes are a great source for craft supplies. After using a cardboard box for packaging items, save it for fun children projects and even for home storage ideas. With a few supplies and tools there are several ways to make great cardboard box ideas.

Lacing and Braiding Board

This is a fun project for young children. Cut the cardboard box into 8-inch squares or other sizes and shapes, then punch holes to thread yarn through. The holes can be punched in a variety of patterns and for a variety of purposes, such as two vertical rows of evenly spaced holes to teach shoe lacing, or several holes punched around the perimeter to teach braiding. Simply use colorful yarn to thread through the holes for many hours of fun and motor skill development.

Wall Décor

Cardboard boxes make a very durable solution for fabric-covered wall art. Cut the cardboard to the desired width and length. Cut out as many pieces as you need for your wall design. Use coordinating decorating fabric with either solid colors or vibrant patterns that accentuate your room's style. You may even want to embellish this artwork further with images, lettering or accents, or batting to give the artwork more dimension. Lay your cardboard piece onto the fabric and cut the fabric, leaving enough around the edges to fold over to the back. Secure with strong tape to the back of the cardboard, then use paper to cover and tape into place over the fabric edges. Attach picture hanging hooks to the back of your artwork and hang on the wall.

Storage Boxes

Cover cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes provide an easy base for storage solutions. If you have a few coordinating boxes, consider making a set. Paint the inside and outside of the boxes with colors that will go with your style. Use acrylic paint or regular latex paints to cover all of the surfaces. You may have to add a second coat for a uniform look. The paint will also seal the cardboard, making it last longer. Use your painted box set for your home office, to store toys or even to store clothes or other household items. Another option is to use fabric to cover your boxes. Measure the perimeter of your box, then measure the height of your box with the flaps folded into the box. Double the height measurement so that the fabric can fold over and into the box for a neater appearance. Cut the fabric, leaving a little extra for the seam, and sew a narrow hem at the top and bottom edges. Next, stitch the side of the fabric closed, then slip over the box, folding the fabric into the box. You may want to line the bottom of the box before use.


Very large boxes, the size that fits lawn mowers and refrigerators, make very nice playhouses for children. Children can help decorate the walls to mimic a house or a store. If you have several large boxes, the children can even make a mini town for hours of fun.


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