Where Can I Send My Film to Get Developed?

Although many people now use digital cameras and print photos on their desktop printers, there are still lots of camera enthusiasts shooting with film. If you're not equipped to develop your film yourself in a darkroom or lab, there are plenty of places you can send it for developing. Here are some options.

Big-Box and Chain Stores

Places like WalMart, Kmart, Sam's Club, Costco and BJ's Warehouse, Walgreens and CVS all still develop traditional camera film. Many have 24-hour developing services and can deliver your photos to you in print, on a CD or even on a memory stick. If you're in a hurry, this is your best bet for quick developing.

Photography Stores

Developing film in the darkroom

Places that sell film cameras often develop film as well. Penn Camera stores, Camera World and many local camera shops can develop your film. Like the big-box stores and chains, photo shops will be able to deliver your photos in print, on a CD or on a memory stick. Some have overnight processing, but not all. Photo stores that do photo finishing usually offer high-quality services.

Online Photo Finishing

You can also send your photos to online finishers to be developed. Some of these include PhotoThru.com, SnapFish and AceCam (links below). With these developers, you mail off your film and receive prints, CDs or whatever other media you prefer in 7 to 10 days.