Where to Buy Surgical Tubing

People shopping for surgical tubing may encounter roadblocks, as many supplies with the “surgical” label are restricted for sale to the general public. Because surgical tubing has a number of uses, though, it is readily available from a number of sources, some of which--like scuba supply stores, fishing and outdoor shops and online auctions--may seem far removed from the surgical denotation.

Scuba Supply Stores

Underwater divers have a number of uses for surgical tubing. The tubing can be used to create loops and harnesses for regulators that make them easy to find, prevent damage to equipment and secure accessories to the scuba apparatus. Some scuba-related websites carefully analyze the types of surgical tubing available and compare the types for a number of scuba-related uses. Because surgical tubing is so useful to scuba divers, almost every scuba supply shop has the tubing readily available.

Fishing and Outdoor Sporting Shops

Many fishing enthusiasts tout the usefulness of surgical tubing in their sport. The material can be used to construct creative lures. Fishing jigs and teasers are commonly constructed from surgical tubing. Fishermen use the material to simulate eels in murky waters. At least one site offers surgical tubing in nearly a dozen different colors, and assures fishing enthusiasts that they will find “hundreds of uses.” Due to its versatility in fishing applications, surgical tubing is readily available in most fishing supply shops as well as stores catering to outdoors enthusiasts.

Online Auctions

Although fishing shops are prolific and surgical tubing is readily available at many locations, some shoppers may prefer the convenience of shopping online. Surgical tubing can be found in bulk quantities and at wholesale prices through online auctions. On major Internet auction sites, users purchase items like surgical tubing at deep discounts from wholesalers for the sole purpose of selling through a virtual auction. Because these sellers lack the overhead of a larger operation, they can generally offer the products at lower end-user prices. Auction shoppers should be wary, however, as some surgical tubing available at online auctions is imported from China and may not be appropriate for uses requiring sterile or heavy-duty tubing.