How to Buy Silver Coins Cheaply

Up until 1964 most US coins had 90% silver content. This included the dime, quarter dollar, half dollar and dollar coins. Five cent pieces only had silver content during the latter years of World War II. Starting 1965 the composition of most US coins changed. Except for Kennedy half dollars, silver was removed from the composition of circulation coins. Kennedy half dollars minted from 1965 to 1970 also suffered a composition change, but while their silver content was reduced, they still had 40% of the precious metal. After 1970, silver in US coins was limited to non-circulation coins such as Silver Eagles, and certain coins struck for collectors and investors in coins. Over the decades, silver coins have gradually been removed from circulation by collectors. Today it is nearly impossible to find a silver dime or quarter dollar in circulation. However, the following is one way of finding some silver coins without paying premium prices to a coin dealer.

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