Bus Games to Play on a Field Trip

school bus image by Lombok from Fotolia.com

While on a long, dull bus ride during a field trip, you may feel inclined to stare out the window or even fall asleep. But before you take one of those courses of action, try playing some games with your fellow passengers to make the ride to your destination more entertaining.

Bus Ride Scavenger Hunt

Before the bus ride, come up with several things your fellow bus riders may see on the way to your destination, as suggested by the MomsMinivan website. Good examples include motorcycles, bridges and certain wildlife common in the area through which your traveling. Make a list of these things and give each player a copy. Once the bus leaves for its destination, have the players look out the windows of the bus and look for the items on the list. As soon as a participant sees one of the things on the list, he crosses that item off the list. When the bus reaches its destination point, see which of the players found all of the things on the list.

Last Letter, First Letter

Begin the game by picking a subject, such as animals, movies or books. Have one player start by naming something within that category. For instance, if you use the category of food, a player can say "apple." The person sitting next to the first player then has to come up with a name within that category that starts with the letter that ended the first word used. For example, if the first player did use "apple," the second player has to come up with a word within the food category starting with the letter "e," such as "egg." The game moves on to the third player, who has to continue this process using the last letter of the previous word as the start of a new word. Keep playing the game, changing the categories as you like, until you reach your destination.

Two Truths and a Lie

Play this icebreaker game from the Great Group Games website if you want to get to know your fellow passengers better while you pass the time. Pick one player to state two true things about himself or his experience and one lie. Afterward, ask all of the players which statement they think is a lie. Once you've gone through each of the players, ask the first player which statement he lied about. Award a point to each player who guessed correctly. The person sitting next to the first player now has to give her three statements. Continue until everyone has had a turn saying each of their two truths and a lie.