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Burlap Fabric Crafts

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With its rough surface, loose weave and slightly woody texture, burlap gives a natural look to homemade craft projects. Burlap is an inexpensive and easy-to-work-with fabric that can be used for both decorative and practical purposes; it imparts a rustic look but can also be dressed up with colors and embellishments.

Autumn Dinner Party

Seasonal table accessories made from burlap add to the harvest feel of a fall event. Create candle holders cutting a 4-inch-tall strip of burlap to wrap around a 5- to 7-inch-tall frosted glass cylindrical vase. Center the burlap vertically and affix it with spray adhesive. Spray adhesive is recommended as you may be able to spot strips of double-stick tape or adhesive tabs through the burlap’s loose weave. Wrap a piece of raffia around the center of the burlap strip and tie it in a bow in front.

Make inexpensive burlap napkin rings by using sharp scissors or a craft knife to cut an empty cardboard paper-towel roll into 2-inch-tall rings. Cover each cardboard ring with a 2.5-inch-tall strip of burlap so that the outside of the rings are completely covered. Use spray adhesive to affix the fabric to the rings. Cover the line where the ends of the burlap meet with a fall-themed embellishment such as a cluster of brown, orange and yellow silk leaves affixed with white glue.

A Practical Craft

Use burlap fabric to create a memory board to hold photos, love notes, memorabilia and reminders. Buy a piece of foam core in a size suitable for your available wall space and less than 2 inches in thickness. Cut a piece of burlap that’s 4 inches longer and 4 inches wider than the foam core.

Spray the front of the foam core with spray adhesive. Center the burlap over the foam core so that 2 inches of burlap extends over each edge of the foam core. Smooth the fabric onto the surface. Pull the top edge of the burlap taut, wrap it around the back of the foam core and affix it with staples. Repeat the process with the other three sides. If portions of the burlap stick out at the corners, pull the fabric around to the back of the board and secure it with staples. Hang the board on the wall by driving drywall nails through the foam core at each corner. Use push pins to affix items to the bulletin board.

Home Decor

Burlap fabric can turn inexpensive picture frames into colorful home accessories. If you have kids, this is a craft that they can help with. Get large squares of burlap in different colors and then cut them into smaller squares that are as wide as the border of your picture frame. For example, if you have a frame with a 2-inch-wide plastic, wooden or metal border, cut 2-inch squares of burlap so that you have several of each color. Mix up the colors as you affix the squares next to each other with spray adhesive. Cover the entire border of the picture frame; the finished project should resemble a mosaic border with the center still open for a photo. Embellish the bottom-right corner with accents like buttons or paper flowers affixed with white glue.

Use burlap in homemade artwork to display on walls, bookshelves or end tables. Start by applying a coat of acrylic paint to an artist's canvas. Choose a paint color that coordinates with the color of the room in which the piece will be displayed, and cover the entire canvas with paint. Arrange scraps of burlap, snippets of cotton fabric and embellishments like fabric flowers and strips of raffia to create an abstract design on the canvas. Affix the elements to the canvas with spray adhesive.

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