How to Build a Grow Tent

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A grow tent is a good alternative for someone who does not have space for a garden outdoors. Grow tents are always made for indoor use. They are used to create an insulated growing environment that does not interfere with the rest of a room. The cost of construction is also cheaper than that of a grow box. The tent is collapsible and portable as well, making transportation easier than a grow box.

Construct the frame. Lay down two pieces of 4-foot PVC pipe on the ground parallel to each other and 2 feet apart. Lay down two pieces of 2-foot PVC pipe parallel to each other at the ends of the 4-foot pipes. The result should resemble a rectangle. Take four 90-degree 3-way PVC slip joints and attach the PVC pipes to them. The slip joints will solidify the rectangle shape. This will be the base of the the grow tent. Repeat this step to create the roof of the grow tent. After this is done, there will be two solid rectangular frames, 2 by 4 feet each.

Attach four 6-foot PVC pipes to the one remaining port on the four 3-way slip joints of corners of the base frame. Take the already constructed rectangular roof frame and attach it to the top of the four 6-foot PVC pipes. This process will be exactly the same as the process to attach the base. The result should be a three-dimensional rectangular frame. Examine each 3-way PVC slip joint to make sure the piping is in all the way.

Attach the light bulb; a metal halide or HPS bulb is ideal for growing indoors. The light will be positioned in the center of the tent. Attach the light's fixture to the four sides of the roof using a light chain or metal wire. When viewed from directly below, the result should look like a plus sign with the light in the middle axis.

Attach the walls. Cut out sections from the tarp the size of the walls and roof and floor. Leave an extra inch of material on all sides to that they can be attached more easily. There should be two 4-by-6-foot (front and rear), two 2-by-6-foot and two 4-by-2-foot (roof and floor) pieces of tarp cut out in total. Attach each wall section to the outside of the PVC pipe frame with duct tape. Be liberal with the duct tape and ensure there are no gaps. Do not attach the front wall yet.

Cut a small slit no more than 4 inches by 4 inches in the back wall. This will serve as an air vent and also allow the power cord for the light through the tent walls. Place the pots in the tent.

Attach the front wall. Use Velcro strips from a craft or fabric store. Cut the strips so there are two 4-foot pieces and two 6-foot pieces. Attach one side of the Velcro to the front frame of the grow tent using double-sided tape. Attach the other side of the Velcro to the edges of the front wall tarp using double-sided tape. Attach the front wall to the front frame via the Velcro. Now the tent is complete and can be accessed via the front Velcro wall.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 PVC pipes, 4 feet long
  • 4 PVC pipes, 2 feet long
  • 4 PVC pipes, 6 feet long
  • 90-degree 3-way PVC slip joints, 8
  • Plastic tarps
  • Scissors
  • HPS or Metal Halide bulb, 300 to 500 watts
  • Pots
  • Chain or wire
  • Duct tape
  • Velcro
  • Double-sided tape