Bluebonnet Flower Crafts

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The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas. As such, there are many Texas-based websites offering instructions on how to make bluebonnet pictures and crafts. One of the most popular methods uses colored popcorn.


There are plenty of free bluebonnet sketches available for download online that can used for tracing. These may be used for the popcorn craft or simply as a coloring activity for children.

Popcorn Bluebonnet Materials

To complete this project, you will need a bluebonnet sketch, light-blue construction paper or card stock, 2 cups of microwavable popcorn, 1/4 cup of blue tempera paint powder, glue and crayons or markers. The popcorn must be hot.

Bluebonnet Popcorn Directions

Trace the bluebonnet sketch on construction paper or card stock. Pop the popcorn. Pour blue tempera paint powder into the bag of popcorn while it is still hot and shake it up. Color the leaves and stem you drew on your construction paper or card stock. Glue pieces of blue popcorn wherever you see blooming flowers on the sketch onto your construction paper or card stock.

Tri-Bead Bluebonnets

Another interesting craft requires a collection of beads (blue, sapphire and white), a 6-inch piece of chenille stem, a 6-inch square piece of green net, glue and a sufficient amount of 1/4-inch wide blue ribbon to tie a bow. Fold the chenille stem so one is slightly longer than the other. Glue or otherwise attach the different colored beads to the chenille stem in the color pattern you wish. Wrap the green net around the two stems and tie it all together with a bow.


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