Bingo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Games are a great way to relieve stress, have fun and often get to know one another. Bingo scavenger hunt games are a perfect way to combine all of these together in one game. These games are great ways to introduce new groups of people to each other and facilitate their introductions in a fun way. The leader/teacher would create a variety of playing cards (usually five). These cards are all going to have the same questions on them, but they will be in different locations on the card. Then when the game begins, instead of the traditional calling of a letter and number, the participants will mingle with each other and find another participant that matches the description on their card. When someone has a Bingo, they win a prize. You can continue for second, third, fourth, and fifth place and then let everyone play blackout Bingo so that everyone gets a prize.

I Have

This Bingo scavenger hunt centers around getting to know what fellow participants have done, seen, heard, tasted, touched and smelled.

Examples of questions that you can use to fill the card include:

I have seen a country besides the United States of America. I have seen the movie "Twilight." I have seen a full moon. I have seen the ocean. I have heard a classical music performance. I have heard a live concert. I have heard a cow's moo. I have heard someone snore. I have smelled a rose. I have touched a dolphin. I have gone rock climbing. I have touched ocean sand.
I have seen a professional sporting event.

Use your imagination for the questions.

In My Bag/Desk

A fun and fast-paced version of scavenger hunt Bingo relies on what participants have in their bags or their desks depending on the environment that the game is being played in. The facilitator will make the cards, and instead of numbers on the Bingo card, replace them with descriptions of items that the participants may find inside their bags or desks. You will play this as a traditional Bingo game; however, before the participant gets credit for the space, he must produce the item listed.

Examples of items to put on the Bingo card include:

A piece of string A stick of gum A cell phone A pen A pencil A piece of candy A paperclip A cough drop Lotion Paper Comb Pony tail holder Deodorant Highlighter

Road Trip Bingo Scavenger Hunt

Road trips can be fun, but they can also be long and boring for children. One way to liven up and make the trip more fun is to play Road Trip Bingo Scavenger Hunt. Prepare a variety of cards prior to the trip. Each set of cards is to have the same questions, just in different locations. Make sure that when one person sees something on the scavenger hunt card, the others in the car also see it so that they all get credit; this also encourages teamwork and discourages the whining, negativity and fighting that often accompanies road trips.

Sample items to find include:

Yellow car Blue truck PT cruiser Arizona license plate Person singing or dancing in her car Two people talking or fighting in their car Slug bug Red mustang Field of wildflowers Car with more than two bumper stickers School bus RV Greyhound bus Cows in a field