Bible Crafts With Paper Plates

Bible crafts with paper plates help children learn about the principles in the Bible through their art work. Paper plates are durable and easy to work with, making them ideal for crafting. The main materials needed for these crafts are basic glue, glitter and markers. Use crafts to help kids connect with favorite characters from Bible stories, like Noah or Daniel.

New Covenant Rainbow

The story of Noah speaks about the new covenant that the Father made with mankind. After the flood waters had dried up, he displayed a rainbow in the sky as a seal of his promise never to flood the earth again. Children can make their own rainbow from this Bible story. You will need scissors, paper plates and cotton balls. Cut out the top of the paper plate in the shape of a rainbow. Use markers to color in the rainbow strips and write scriptures from the story of Noah in each color. Glue cotton balls on both sides of the rainbow to represent clouds.

Daniel's Lion

Daniel's lion is another interesting paper plate craft featuring the story of Daniel. Daniel was thrown in a pit with lions and God protected him. He came out without a scratch. For this craft you will need paper plates, construction paper, paint, glue, scissors and a black marker.

Paint the back of the plate yellow and allow it to dry. Draw a lion's face on the plate and cut out ears and whiskers with brown construction paper. Create a mane with this paper also, and cut 1-inch slits about 1/2 inch apart all around the mane and glue this on the back of the paper plate.

Little Lamb

Lambs are mentioned throughout the Bible. Shepherds would watch over the lambs and take care of them. To make a lamb out of paper plates you need markers, glue and cotton balls. Color the lamb's eyes nose and mouth on the plate. Glue cotton balls on all other areas of the lamb's face. You can also add additional accessories like a bow or ears.