Basic Male Footwork for Waltz Dancing

Learn basic male footwork in waltz dancing in this free video lesson on elegant dance.

About the Author

Kelly-Anne is a Professional Ballroom and Theatrical Musical Dance coach in South Florida. She is a highly versatile seasoned pro with over 15 years experience. She has worked in live stage, TV, film and radio performances, and trained in choreography in most international cultural dance forms: ballroom social, nightclub, go-go, hip-hop, cabaret, pole dance, bellydance, creative movement, fitness, yoga, competitions, ballet, jazz, modern, ethnic folk, lyrical, liturgical gospel, lifts, multimedia, fashion modeling, singing/songwriting and music videos. She has earned chorus roles with many productions, sponsorships and received commissions for work. She now specializes in teaching wedding couples as well as producing her own pop musical dance video series "5,6, Dance!" Kelly-Anne’s portfolio can be seen at