Balloon Art Training

Ballon artist training results in being a Certified Balloon Artist.
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Balloon art is a fun skill to develop, especially if the goal is to become a professional balloon artist. The different kinds of balloon art include balloon twisting, balloon bouquets, balloon topiary and arches, balloon columns and balloon centerpieces. Private schools and adult education centers offer training courses in balloon art.

Balloon Art Skills

Balloon art addresses a broad spectrum of elements that includes skills in balloon decorating, balloon delivery, balloon arrangement and balloon business management.

Environmental Training

Balloon certification programs stress the necessity for ensuring training for balloon artists in environmental issues related to the release of balloons. When releasing balloons into the environment it is important to follow a code of conduct. Training in balloon art should include information on the safe release of balloons and what happens to a balloon upon release. Training should also address the environmental impact to wildlife.

Safety Training

Training in balloon safety is necessary when working with the public. Balloons are a major choking hazard for young children. Balloon artists should not give balloons to children under the age of 3 unless strictly supervised by an adult. Training in the use of foil versus latex balloons is good information to know. Many states have different guidelines about releasing balloons in clusters. Most states ban the use of metallic string on balloons, especially balloons that will be released since the metallic strings conduct electricity and can become tangled in power lines.

Delivery Training

Training about state laws for balloon delivery is another essential piece of information for balloon artists to know. All states have laws and strict guidelines about traveling with helium tanks. Training in balloon delivery with already inflated balloons is important. Making sure that balloons don't block the driver’s vision seems logical, but many times people do not understand the risks.


Professional balloon artists should hold the title of Certified Balloon Artist. Many accredited programs offer certification in balloon art. Qualetex Balloon Network is one of the largest CBA programs in the United States. To become a certified balloon artist, most programs require candidates to complete the coursework, take a written exam, submit a portfolio and create a balloon sculpture or centerpiece.