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Audio Engineering Scholarships

Scholarships are available for students pursuing audio engineering education.
mixing desk image by Peter Galan from Fotolia.com

Audio engineering can be a lucrative creative opportunity for those with trained ears and technical skill in a recording studio environment. Academic programs that prepare students for such a career are typically as expensive as other academic programs, and often require students to seek out financial aid if they cannot work full-time in addition to being a student. Finding the right scholarship is an important step toward determining a match between an affordable educational institution and the specific benefactors who are willing to support learning and professional development.

The John M. Eargle Memorial Scholarship

The Educational Foundation of the Audio Engineering Society has established a scholarship in memory of John M. Eargle, who was a renowned figure in the history of audio engineering. Students whose interests align with Eargle's work in the fields of music and technical engineering are encouraged to apply for the scholarship. Interested applicants should visit the Audio Engineering Society's website and click on "Educational Foundation Scholarship"

Digital Media Production Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students whose intended majors may include media production, animation, computer graphics, or film and video studies as well as audio engineering. The award amount is $1,000, and is directed toward those who wish to focus on digital audio engineering in particular. The scholarship is offered through Cappex.com, where you will need to create an account in order to apply.

The Charlie Jones Scholarship

Charlie Jones, a well-known engineer in live sound applications passed away in June of 2006, leaving a financial legacy to those interested in training to become a professional audio engineer. The scholarship affords enrollment in a specific audio Live Sound audio engineering course administered by the School of Sound Recording in Manchester, England. The training program provides practical demonstration and equipment, as well as guest lectures from famous audio practitioners. Interested applicants should visit CharlieJonesScholarship.com for more information.

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