Arts & Crafts for 5th & 6th Graders

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Craft projects are an excellent way to put fifth- and sixth-graders' art knowledge and creativity to the test. Hands-on projects make learning about art entertaining and enjoyable, and also give students a chance to show off their artistic skills and abilities. A few inexpensive supplies and a bit of creativity are all you need to get started.

Paper Crafts

Try a basic paper craft by setting a table full of construction paper, masking tape, markers, crayons and stickers. Tell the the fifth- and sixth-graders to use their imagination to create any paper craft they can think of. They can make animals, words and objects using the paper.

For another paper craft, the kids can make tie-dye paper using coffee filters and food coloring. Use a muffin pan to put water and food coloring in each hole for different colors. The children will use medicine droppers to drop colors onto a flattened coffee filter. Save the tie-dye crafts by pressing them in between contact paper.

Bird Feeder Crafts

Give each student a pine cone and have him place it on top of a sheet of wax paper. Smooth peanut butter all over the pine cone using a plastic knife. After it is covered in peanut butter, roll the pine cone in a dish full of birdseed. Use a piece of twine to hang the bird feeder up outside. There are many variations to this craft. Instead of a pine cone, try using a dried orange slice or a hard biscuit or stale cookie.

Bleach Pen Crafts

Children can create designs on black construction paper using bleach pens. For added decoration, have them draw designs with white glue and sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess glitter to reveal a bleach and glitter craft project. Students can also create bleach T-shirts. Place wax paper on the inside of a dark colored T-shirt so the bleach does not fade through to the other side, then instruct students to use the bleach pens to create designs of their own.

Straws Craft

Tell your students to drop globs of tempura paint onto construction paper or card stock paper. Students will use straws to blow the paint all over the paper. Ask the students to try to blow the paint in a specific design on the paper.

Kids can also used straws, bendable straws, tape, paper clips and cardboard to create a straw structure. The kids can try to build the tallest tower using only the supplies provided.