Art Projects Using Fractions

isolated circles graph made from fraction circles image by davidcrehner from

Fractions are all around us. While the concept of fractions may be simple to grasp once we're adults, using fractions in a simple way can make them more understandable to young students. Art can be incorporated into any subject, including fractions. Using everyday items and shapes, you can create art projects with fractions.

Pizza With Felt

Cut out a circle to represent a pizza, using felt material. Cut triangle-shaped wedges from the circle to use as the slices. Using different colors of felt, you can make the toppings. For example, smaller circles can be pepperoni, and mushrooms can be half-circles. Using Velcro, attach the pizza pieces together. A full pizza is a whole, but by taking away slices, the fraction of pizza remaining will change.

Split Banana Fraction

This fraction project allows kids to be creative, yet gain a further understanding of fractions, using something they can most likely relate to. Using construction paper, have students cut out a yellow banana. Cut out several circles, in different colors, which will act as the ice cream flavors. Colors can include pink, white/beige and brown for strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Depending on the amount of circles for scoops, the banana split can have two scoops of strawberry and once scoop of chocolate. Students can identify that there are two strawberry scoops out of three. They can then describe the fractions they have produced in their projects and the projects of others.

Fraction Art

Have students make characters or animals by using fractions of shapes. A cat can be made by using whole or half circles for the body and triangles for the ears. The shapes can be made using paint and a sponge cut into shapes (circles, triangles, squares, etc.) Use crayons, pens or markers to add details of body parts. This art project can be extended to have students create a story using their pictures that can include fraction terms.

Tulip Fractions

This is a simple art project to show how a tulip can be made out of two cut-out circles of different colors (for instance, red and green). On a piece of white paper, draw a vertical line which will serve as the stem. Cut the red circle in half, and cut one of the halves in half. Form the tulip with the larger part of the red circle. Set it so that the rounded part rests on the tip of the drawn line. Form the two smaller pieces as two tulip petals. Place them on the base of the tulip, on opposite ends. Now cut the green circle in half. Affix each half to the stem for leaves. Talk to students about the fractions involved in making this project.