Art Ideas for Crazy Hats

a girl in funny hat image by Sergii Shalimov from

Halloween may be around the corner or possibly an invitation has arrived for a theme party. Maybe it is a very rainy day and the kids are antsy and need a craft to keep them occupied. One fun activity to do is to make a crazy hat. There are many possible ways to make crazy hats and you are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

Animal Hats

One option for a crazy hat is to choose a favorite animal and make a hat which copies its head or body. One example is a Dalmatian hat. Making this hat requires a sewing machine, a white painter's cap, white felt, black felt and two medium wiggle eyes. Cut ears from white felt and sew them to either side of the cap. Cut spots from black felt and glue them and the wiggle eyes to the hat. Dinosaur hats are also popular and you can make them from paper or papier-mâché. Make a simple dinosaur hat by cutting out a brow band that fits the child's head and then gluing cut-outs to the band that make it look like the body of a dinosaur. You can make a much more involved papier-mâché dinosaur over the course of several days. Blow up a balloon and cover it with papier-mâché several times, then form the body shape of the dinosaur. Pop the balloon in the center, paint the hat and add an elastic strap so that it will stay on the wearer's head.

Recycling Fun

Another option for a crazy hat is to collect junk and glue it on a base hat. This base could be an old bowl, a used container or the bottom of an empty gallon jug. Any type of used materials like a coat hanger, a bedspring or a spork could be glued to the base hat. The most adhesive type of glue would be hot glue.

Glowing Hats

Try making a hat that glows in the dark. You need a dark paper or fabric base hat. Decorate it with glow-in-the-dark paint and glue on glow-in-the-dark plastic decals which are made to stick on the wall or ceiling of a room.