Amelia Earhart Crafts for Kids

By Amy Lea ; Updated September 15, 2017
A solo flight during the 1930s was risky without radio communication.

Amelia Earhart was a pilot during the 1920s and 1930s. She was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and the first woman to fly non-stop from West Coast to East Coast. She accomplished many firsts during her time as a pilot and became a national hero. There are many crafts children can create to celebrate Amelia's accomplishments.


Amelia Earhart flew a bi-plane, an Avro Avian, across the Atlantic. Building a bi-plane is an easy craft for children to create with simple household items such as a paper-towel tube, cardboard, tape and straws. Cut two rectangles out of the cardboard. Tape one of the cardboard rectangles to the top of the tube about an inch from one end. Tape the second rectangle exactly beneath the first on the other side of the tube. Connect the two pieces of cardboard with cut pieces of straw that are the same length as the tube's diameter. Add wheels to the bottom and paint the bi-plane however the children wish.

Paper Airplanes

Creating paper airplanes is an easy way to commemorate Amelia Earhart. There are a multitude of different types of paper airplanes that are easy for children to create. The simplest airplane, the paper airplane that resembles a jet, is the best to teach children to follow directions, make predictions and learn about gravity and other aspects of aeronautics. Have the children decorate their own paper airplanes. After they are finished, have them predict which will fly the farthest, the highest and the fastest. Have a friendly competition with their new toys.

Amelia's Landings

Amelia Earhart flew to many places on the planet and went missing while trying to circumnavigate the globe. An easy but educational craft is to have the children create a globe out of papier mache. Once the actual globe is finished, have the children mark the spots with large sewing pins on their globe that represent places to which Amelia had traveled during her flights, such as Hawaii, India, the Red Sea, Paris and Capetown, South Africa.

Create an Aviator's Cap

Amelia Earhart was hardly ever photographed without her aviator's uniform. The aviator's cap had flaps over the ears to protect from the loud noise of the engine. Most caps had fur inside to keep her head warm in such high altitudes. Creating the aviator's cap is done with clothe, needle and thread, but it can also be done with construction paper. The cap is created by sewing four triangular-shaped sections together as the top. Sew one long rectangle, about 2 inches thick and as long as the circumference of the head, to the bottom of the top. Then sew two long flaps with a flat end and a rounded end onto the sides to cover the ears.

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