Adult Mixer Party Games

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Whenever you host an adult party where not everyone knows each other, getting everyone introduced and familiar with one another becomes a challenge. However, a mixer game simultaneously breaks the ice between guests while creating a party atmosphere. You need only a handful of these games up your sleeves to make your party work, and none of the games you choose need to be expensive or complex.


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In Tokens, each guest is given a set of tokens all of the same color; the number of tokens is one less than the number of guests, since each player won't need a token for himself. The host yells "Get your tokens!" and the guests pair up randomly. They introduce themselves and give a little tidbit of information about themselves to the other person. When the pairs have talked long enough to get this information, they exchange tokens and move on to to make new pairs with other guests. The first person to get a token of every color wins, since in order to do this, the person has to talk to everyone else in the room. At the end of the game, the host can go around the room and ask each person what fact from the other guests was most memorable so that everyone has an additional chance to get information.

Human Bingo

Bingo cards.
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Human Bingo is a game from the Easy Party Ideas and Games website. The host creates bingo cards with things the guests like or have done in each square. The guests go around the room trying to figure out what guests match the items in the squares, writing in the names of the people who match the items as they go. The first person to get a row full of names wins. Play can continue even after the first person has won so that people keep figuring out who matches every square.


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For Balloons, the host writes information about the guests on blown-up balloons, such as names or where they went to college. All of the guests stand around the edge of the room. The host writes the names of all the guests on slips of paper and puts these in a bowl or hat. The host then pulls a guest's name at random from the bowl or hat. This guest has to come up and grab a balloon. The guest with the balloon must walk around the room and ask each person if the information on the balloon matches them. The fun part is that the guest with the balloon can't use his hands or arms to carry the balloon. When the guest finds the person who matches the information on the balloon, they also have to transfer the balloon to that person, who also can't use their hands or arms. If the balloon pops, the guest has to start all over again. Play continues until all the balloons have been distributed and everyone has had a chance to transport at least one balloon.